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Readonly support for APFS (Apple File System) was first added to Disk Decipher in version 3.2.0. Since APFS is the default filesystem of modern macOS systems, this allows opening containers formatted with default options on macOS.

APFS built-in compression is supported, APFS encryption is currently not supported (the encryption is performed by the container format, not by the filesystem).

Version 3.18.0 introduces write support for APFS. This feature uses a non-free driver. To cover the license costs, this feature needs to be activated by an in-app purchase.

Enabling APFS write support

To enable APFS write support, simply open the Settings dialog and select "Filesystem licenses"

Filesystem licenses

From there, select "APFS write support", and you will be guided in making the in-app purchase.

Using APFS write support

After enabling APFS write support, your containers using the APFS filesystems will automatically be mounted readwrite (unless of course the underlying storage does not permit write operations).