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Partition table

Version 3.5.2 adds support for partition tables to Disk Decipher. If a partition table is detected at the start of the (decrypted) disk, the first partition with a known filesystem will be mounted.

Note that if the disk contains more than one partition with a supported filesystem, only the first one will be mounted. The app could be extended to prompt for which filesystem to mount, or to simply mount all supported filesystems underneath a top-level folder named after the partition. Do let me know if you need such support.

Currently the GUID Partition Table (GPT), Master Boot Record (MBR) and Apple Partition Map (APM) types are supported,

GUID Partition Table

Disk Decipher supports version 1.0 of the GUID Partition Table as defined in the UEFI Specification 2.8 (chapter 5).

If present, an EFI System partition will be ignored.

Master Boot Record

Disk Decipher supports the MBR Partition Table. Extended partitions are not supported, please let me know if you need support for extended partitions.

Apple Partition Map

Disk Decipher supports the APM Partition Table.