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Version 1.9 adds TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt keyfile support to Disk Decipher. If you need keyfile support for other disk formats (FreeOTFE, LUKS) let me know.

Version 3.20 changes the way Disk Decipher interacts with keyfiles. To improve the security of the keyfiles, keyfiles remain stored outside of the app (instead of importing keyfiles into the iOS keychain) and are selected/read when mounting a disk, similar to the way desktop applications use keyfiles. This allows you to store keyfiles separate from the device on which you use Disk Decipher. Of course, if you prefer, the keyfiles can be stored on the same device.

Using keyfiles

To use keyfiles when mounting a disk, simply tap the "Select keyfiles..." option

Select keyfiles

This allows you to select the keyfiles you want to use. You can select multiple files at once and also use this option multiple times.

To delete a file that was selected by mistake, swipe the entry from right to left as usual.

Deleting a keyfile

If you have a pre-version 3.20 keyfile imported in Disk Decipher, it is best to delete it from the app. Of course, only delete it from the app if you have the original keyfile available!

If you want to delete a keyfile from Disk Decipher, simply swipe from right to left on the keyfile you want to delete, and tap the Delete button that is presented. The keyfile will be deleted from the iOS keychain.

Delete keyfile