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Your feedback is much appreciated. Whether you have a question about this app, a bug report, an idea how the app can be improved, or just want to send some kudos.


Please consult the FAQ first before emailing me. Or, even better, use the search bar to search this complete support site.

Feature requests

Do you have a great idea for a new feature? Please check the Feature requests page first to see if it is already listed there. If so, just upvote the feature to help me prioritize the addition of new features.

Crash report

Did Disk Decipher stop unexpectedly? Sorry about that, but this is a chance for you to help improve the app: if you email the crash report to me, I can analyze what caused the crash, and most importantly fix it so it doesn't happen again.

Sending the crash report is really simple:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to Privacy - Analytics - Analytics Data
  • Select the crash report DiskDecipher-(time of crash).ips
  • Tap the share button, and email the crash report to the address below (please provide some context, which action caused the app to crash)


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richard at