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Create Disk

Version 3.6.0 introduces the ability to create a new encrypted disk within the Disk Decipher app. This removes the dependency on other hardware and software to create container files.


To create a new disk simply tap the + button above the Disks list and select "Create New Disk"

Create Disk

Use the "Location" field to select the location where you want to store the new disk.

PIM is an advanced option to change the number of iterations when deriving the encryption keys. A detailed explanation is available in the VeraCrypt documentation. If you use this option, be sure to store the PIM value securely, since you will need it to mount the container.
To use the default number of iterations, just leave this option blank.

Tap the Create button after completing all the required fields to initiate the creation process.

Supported disk formats

This feature has been implemented for the VeraCrypt disk format only. Do let me know if you need this feature for other supported disk formats.

Supported filesystems

Both FAT and exFAT filesystems are supported. If FAT is selected, the sub-type (FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32) is implicitly determined by the number of clusters on the disk

  • FAT12 - up to 4.085 clusters
  • FAT16 - from 4.086 up to 65.525 clusters
  • FAT32 - from 65.526 clusters