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Linked Disk

Version 2.6.0 adds the concept of Linked Disks to Disk Decipher. This feature can be used with many cloud providers and provides full write support.

In Disk Decipher you can link to a container file inside another (storage) app. Simply tap the Add (+) button at the top of the Disks view and select Linked Disk. The familiar iOS user-interface appears to select the desired container file.

All storage apps (like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) that support the iOS File Provider (integration in the iOS Files app) can be used for this new feature. This also includes the iCloud Drive storage.

Linked disks have full write support, similar to Local disks.

The container file will not be copied to the Disk Decipher app, the container will stay inside the hosting storage app. Any changes to the container will be saved to the storage app.

Some important remarks:

  • The container file will be downloaded fully (and cached) by the hosting storage app. The downloaded container can be removed from the cache if iOS needs to reclaim disk space, which will trigger another download the next time the container file is opened (Disk Decipher will provide a notice before a re-download is initiated). If you have a large container file, consider using a Local or Remote disk instead of a Linked disk.
  • The hosting storage app is responsible for committing any changes to the backend storage (if applicable), and for doing that intelligently (preferably uploading just the changed fragments of the container file instead of the entire container file)