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Disk Decipher supports fourteen localizations. The base localization of the app is English.

Thirteen other localizations have been gratiously contributed:

Localization Translator
Arabic Zaid Al-Rashid
Brazilian Portuguese Guilherme Bueno
Czech Two anonymous translators
Dutch Richard Huveneers
German Christoph Kuchel and Udo Schulze
Greek Jorgos Athanasiadis
Hungarian (prefers to remain anonymous)
Russian Aleksey Ovchinnikov
Simplified Chinese FengTh
Slovak Vlado A.
Spanish Shark
Traditional Chinese Yuu Wai
Turkish Selim DaƟdemir

A big THANK YOU to the translators for making the app accessible to more people.

If you can provide a localization for your native language, please contact me so we can make this happen.